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23 October 2014 @ 08:23 pm
Hello everyone (whoever stumbles over this journal!)

This here is my multi-fandom, go-crazy (or not so crazy) journal, where I ramble about all kinds of things. And post a little fanfic here and there.

I've been to Lj before, then kinda got fed up with it and left. Now I'm back... kind of...

Why "tal3s"?
Because every other name I could come up with was either weird (well, weirder than tal3s) or already taken. Besides I'm a Tales of - Fan... and I might be writing fanfics here (hence... tales)

My fandoms?
My fandom is divided into two huge parts, well actually three.

1) I'm into J-Pop and JDramas. Mainly SMAP, Hey! Say! Jump and Sexy Zone. You might see me rambling about other persons or groups too.

2) videogames. I'm mostly playing RPGs and Action games, my favourite the Tales-of-Games and The Last of Us. But really, I'm giving almost every game a try

3) Movies and cinema. I'm going to the movies almost once a week. I'm particularly into action, fantasy and thriller. But really, I'm watching all kind of movies as long as they don't creep my out or last more than 4 hours. (There is a limit... really >>)

What am I doing in my real life?
I'm a teacher. You don't need to know more, at least not now ;-)

How old am I?
Secret! :P

Am I married?
Man, no!! Well, wouldn't say no to Kimura-kun. But, jeez, that's not an option, is it? :-)

Any questions?
Feel free to ask me!

I'm looking forward to get to know you guys!